A powerful voice for Transport Workers

Join the thousands of proud and strong members of the Transport Workers’ Union fighting to improve their workplaces, communities and the Transport Industry.

The TWU is a critical part of the Transport Industry and has been representing and improving the lives of Transport Workers for over 100 years.

The Transport Workers’ Union of Australia exists to give transport workers a powerful voice in support of social and economic justice.  We are relentless in the pursuit of building and exercising worker power, guided by clear, strong principles.

when you join the TWU you never walk alone

Our union is renowned for standing with workers and not backing down. TWU members enjoy better wages, protections and fairer conditions. Our members earn significantly more than workers in companies with no union presence.

Every worker has the right to a safe workplace where action is taken to protect them from harm. We support members’ right to refuse unsafe work and our officials regularly inspect workplaces for potential hazards.

Our experienced in-house legal team can resolve your workplace disputes and provide quality advice for members to make informed decisions. Our bargaining advocates are experienced and trained negotiators, ensuring the best outcome for our members.

Our Campaigns

From small to large campaigns, media interviews and political lobbying, we campaign to provide an extra form of leverage for union members – moving public opinion and holding politicians accountable to the working people that elect them.

Public transport affects everyone. It is an integral and essential part of the modern world. 

Yet not everyone has a say in how it is run, and for whose benefit. Too often public transport planning does not include the views of the real experts – workers and passengers. 

We’re fighting for safe buses, fair pay and a real say in how public transport is delivered.

For too long airport workers have been forced into low-paid, insecure jobs while airlines and airports make billions of dollars in profit.

We’re fighting for a safe and secure aviation industry that will lift standards for all airport workers. We’re fighting for the same pay for the same job. We’re holding wealthy airports and airlines to account for safety and fairness.

There is a dangerous race to the bottom in transport destroying our industry.

We’re fighting for a Transport Division within the Fair Work Commission with the powers to regulate supply chains and the gig economy.

We want same job, same pay, whether you are an employee, or employee-like such as owner drivers, labour hire and gig workers.

Waste and recycling workers provide an essential public service, protecting the environment, reducing pollution and preventing contamination and the spread of disease.

We’re calling on State and Local governments to put rules in place that protect jobs, communities and the environment.

We want good jobs, clean communities and investment in initiatives to reduce the global impact on the environment.