Over 100 years of organising Transport workers

About us

The Transport Workers’ Union Queensland is a not for profit organisation that is funded and run by our members to achieve our members’ aspirations. The TWU has been a powerful voice for Australian Transport Workers for over 100 years.

Our members lead the fight for good jobs, fair rates for transport and we hold governments and big businesses at the top of the transport supply chain to account. We are committed to earning and keeping our members’ trust and continually seeking better ways to effectively use our resources.

We unite transport workers in order to raise standards for themselves, their families and the community.

As a Transport Worker, you play a key role in keeping the country, our communities and our economy on the move. We have a proud history of fighting for and winning decent work, safe workplaces and dignified wages for all transport workers.

By becoming a member of the TWU you are joining a network of Transport Workers from across the nation who support each other. No matter what role you play in the Transport Industry, when you join the TWU, you will never walk alone.

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