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become an active member

Joining the TWU may be your your first union action, but don’t let it be the last. The more active our members are, both in your workplace and out, the more effective our union is. The TWU is a movement for change and there are always opportunities for members to be more involved in our campaigns.

Register your interest in becoming an Active Member of the TWU Queensland.

Become a workplace Delegate

TWU delegates are the backbone of our union. Having a strong network of delegates on the job to support members and resolve matters as they arise is an essential part of building a powerful union within your workplace.

Become a Health & Safety Representative (HSR)

Health and Safety Representatives, or HSRs, play an important role in maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Many issues that arise in the workplace are linked to safety and often workers underestimate the ability to resolve issues using the powers of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the Act).

Become a media spokesperson

The best way to have Transport Workers' voice amplified in the public domain is for the public to hear directly from Transport Workers. We're always looking for people who can speak confidently on behalf of their industry from a worker's perspective.

Become a recruiter

Recruiting new members to become active in the union is arguably the most important aspect of building momentum to achieve our goals. There's plenty of ways you can help us build power.

Become an online activist

Online activism can involve sharing and engaging with TWU campaigns on social media or targeting other accounts of influence. Its an easy way to start your active member involvement.

Get involved in Political campaigns

The TWU understands that to change the system we have to be able to influence the decision makers responsible for creating law. Find out how you can get more involved in our political campaigning.

Attend campaign activities

We hold regular action days as part of our campaign plans. We can notify you when an action is coming up in your area. We’d love to see you out and about proudly supporting our campaigns.


Do you have some free time, or you're currently on Workers' Compensation? Volunteer to help out, there's always something that needs to be done and many hands make light work.