Union Benefits

TWU Member Benefits

As a TWU member, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits designed to support you on your journey in the transport industry. Our union is renowned for standing with workers and not backing down. TWU members enjoy better wages, protections and fairer conditions. 

Discover our TWU member perks below!

We Give Transport Workers A Voice!

We exist to give transport workers a powerful voice. Our union is built from the ground up to effectively promote the aspirations of our members in your workplace, community, the media, legal institutions and government.  We are continually striving to raise standards and ensure transport workers are treated with respect.

Collective Bargaining

When workers bargain collectively, they are able to pool their resources and expertise to negotiate with employers from a position of strength. Union members’ right to take protected industrial action further increases their bargaining power and gives them leverage during negotiations. Studies show that workers who are represented by a union earn higher wages, have better benefits, and have more job security than workers who are not represented by a union.

Industrial Advice and Protection

Our members have free access and support for workplace issues such as underpayments, harassment, unfair dismissal, dispute resolution, and disciplinary matters.  Our experienced in-house legal team can resolve workplace disputes and provide quality advice for members to make informed decisions.

Onsite worker Representatives

We work with our members to build strong and democratically elected delegate structures and health and safety committees.  We provide training and support to our workplace delegates and HSRs to keep members informed of their rights and effectively use them to resolve matters. We also have a members support team that can help members with advice, accessing benefits and updating details by contacting our toll free number 1800 804 533.

Organising and Support Staff

Every union member is assigned an Organiser employed by the union to support you in achieving a better workplace.  Our organisers coordinate union activity, represent members in disputes, advocate for you in bargaining, hold on-site meetings, and keep members informed.  We support members’ right to refuse unsafe work and regularly inspect workplaces for potential hazards.

Additional Legal Services

TWU members receive a range of additional benefits from our legal partners Maurice Blackburn for non-industrial matters including discounted services, free phone advice, first consultation free. As a TWU member you also get access to a free Standard Will through Safewill.

Union Shopper

Our members receive exclusive discounts and cashback rewards from an extensive range of large and small businesses all over Australia.  With Union Shopper members can save more than the cost of their union fee on their groceries, petrol, home appliances, travel and entertainment purchases.

Discount Insurance

We’ve partnered with a number of organisations to provide exclusive discounts to health insurance, journey insurance and income protection. Upon joining the union you will receive a welcome call from our member support team that will assist you to access these and other benefits that are specific to your needs.

Be Informed

We regularly communicate with members, both with communications specific to your site and with our weekly e-news keeping you up to date with what is happening in your industry and across Queensland.  Knowledge is power, so we make sure our communications are informative, consistent and relevant to you.

Tax Deductible

Your TWU Union fees are 100% tax deductible